Alumni Spotlight: Holly Oppel ’14

As a junior during my time at The College, I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa for my Spring semester through an Affiliate program provider, Interstudy (now CIEE). I took classes at the University of Cape Town and lived with other students on my program from various U.S. institutions in shared apartments just off-campus. My program included a handful of local excursions to allow me and my peers to learn more about our host country. Through this programming, I came to really understand the history and culture of South Africa and learned to appreciate the beauty of the country as a whole.

Additionally, while I was abroad I made sure to fit in some really unique experiences like African safaris, road trips along the southern coast of the country and shark-cage diving. However, the lasting impacts from my study abroad experience stemmed from my interactions with locals as I exposed myself to various aspects of South African culture. My experience gave me an opportunity to see how people live their lives in a whole different part of the world which ultimately broadened my worldview. The lessons I learned from abroad greatly impacted my future career plans as I now work in the field of study abroad myself! I love being able to assist other students in planning and preparing for their international education experiences as I know first-hand there is much to be gained from studying abroad.

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