Alumni Spotlight: Audrey Owensby ’18

Studying abroad has been very influential in my post-grad life. It inspired me to do a gap year of travel which was amazing and helped me grow as a person. Then, I was hired as an iCharleston Site Director in Rome, a job where previous study abroad experience is a requirement. It is extremely important that you have experienced studying and living in another country so you can guide and advise students who are doing the same in their first semester! Also, I have been accepted into a Master’s program in Tourism in Denmark. My Bachelor’s degree was in Psychology which is not entirely related to the field of tourism so I drew heavily on my Spanish minor and study abroad experience in my motivational letter and I was not only accepted into the program, but received a full tuition waiver as well. I can easily say I wouldn’t have achieved what I have since graduation without my study abroad experience.

You learn many skills while studying abroad such as problem-solving, language skills, cultural awareness, and many more. Since graduating, I have spent more time out of the US than in the US, so the language skills and cultural awareness have been very important for me. Also, being adaptable and able to think on your feet helped in my job as an iCharleston Site Director. Being able to integrate into a new culture and make friends will help in my next chapter, living and studying in Denmark. 

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