12 August 2021 – What I Learned Today

  1. After a lot of cursing on my part, I learned a bit more about how my laptop works with Zoom and the AV system in my classroom. In particular, I learned that if I have my computer linked to the AV system, my computer will try to use the AV system’s speakers instead of those on the laptop. I love wresting with technology, particularly when I win in the end!
  2. I learned more about the AV system in my classroom. Specifically, I noticed the match between the channels used by the wireless microphone and the channels used by the main system.
  3. I learned that the stylus for my laptop works pretty well.

Rose: I enjoyed my mindfulness practice today.

Bud: I look forward to reading more about mindfulness tomorrow.

Thorn: Wrestling with my laptop to understand how to record/play back my lecture.