Dr. Gómez Receives International Respo Award for Journal Editorship

By | August 15, 2014

Professor Michael Gómez and his co-editors of the refereed journal Decimonónica have been granted the inaugural Respo Award for the exemplary management of their publication.

Since its start in September 2009, the Hispanic Studies Journals & Academic Presses blog has become a highly-used resource by Hispanists worldwide to consult the journal-publishing experiences of peers.  Currently there are 119 listed journals with visitors regularly posting their various perspectives year-round.

The Respo Selection Committee evaluates the journals based on various categories: communications with author, feedback on the manuscript, time between submission and decision, time between acceptance and publication, manuscript reviewers, editorial management, journal website, accuracy of journal-reported information (Modern Language Association directory).  Ultimately, the Respo Award is presented to the journal that receives the most consistently positive posts for a period of two consecutive years at the blog.  “Respo” refers to “responsible,” or “responsable” in Spanish.

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