Hispanic Studies Faculty Focus, February 2024: Prof. Carmen de los Ángeles del Rey

By | February 11, 2024

Hispanic Studies Faculty Focus, February 2024: Prof. Carmen de los Ángeles del Rey

HISP’s Faculty Focus for February of 2024 is Prof. Carmen de los Ángeles del Rey.

A member of Hispanic Studies since the fall of 2023, Prof. de los Ángeles del Rey’s impressive curriculum details the breadth of experience—both educational and professional—that she brings to her new role as an instructor of Spanish at the College of Charleston.

With respect to educational formation, and beginning at the B.A. level, Prof. de los Ángeles de Rey has degrees in Journalism and Communication, as well as in Foreign Language Education, the former from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the latter from the Escuela Universitaria de Formación de Profesorado. Beyond this, at the M.A. level, she has completed courses of study in Television and Interactive Media, as well as in Audiovisual Journalism, from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and the Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido, respectively. Finally—if all of the above were not enough, Prof. de los Ángeles del Rey engaged in doctoral studies in the Social and Legal Sciences / Communication Research at Madrid’s Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

As for prior professional activities, Carmen’s career has been marked by a longstanding engagement with the teaching of language and culture, both in the context of the teaching of English as a second language (at the Lagomar and Caude Schools, in Madrid, Spain), as well as in that of the teaching of Spanish as a second language (e.g., at the Institute of Cultural Exchange in Madrid).

In her own words:

 “It [has been] very important [for me] to develop […] an environment as professional and welcoming as the one I have found in the team that makes up the Department of Hispanic Studies. My work with my students is very enriching on an intellectual [as well as on an] emotional level. [Indeed,] I feel that I help them learn as much as I learn from them. I enjoy it very much when I see that I have been able to contribute something valuable to their lives.”



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