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Megan Gould (Meg) is from Fredericksburg, VA. She completed her B.A. in Communication Studies, with a minor in Photography, at Bridgewater College, in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. She moved to South Carolina in the summer of 2014 after graduation, and currently lives on the outer edge of West Ashley, just a few miles outside of downtown Charleston. She works two part-time jobs at the College of Charleston while she earns her Master’s degree.


Why did you choose the Master of Arts in Communication program at College of Charleston?

When I first began to look at graduate programs for Communication, I was given a spreadsheet of all the Communication programs offered nation-wide. After picking some target states, I looked through each program listed in that state and the courses they offer, via their website. The Masters in Communication program here at CofC caught my eye along with two other programs. In the end, it was not only the classes offered, but also the personal touch embedded with all of the correspondence that attracted me to move seven hours south. Being located in beautiful Charleston also had its obvious benefits!


Describe a project or experience relevant to your MCOM program of study that you are currently working on or have already accomplished (graduate assistantship, research project, internship, etc.)?

While I came into the program with strong aspirations to find a job related to intercultural communication, I have since shifted to exploring more of my interpersonal side with event planning. I interned this past summer with the Marketing and Event Manager for the Lowcountry affiliate of Susan G. Komen, and now cannot wait to get into a job that will allow me to really pursue this new passion.


What are your plans following graduate school (professional career, doctoral program, personal aspirations, etc.)? Why?

Consistent with my internship this past summer, I am looking forward to pursuing a professional career with event planning, or a similar position. I love the organization that event planning requires, and also the opportunity to meet some really interesting people. While I would love to move closer home to Virginia and my family, Charleston is definitely doing its best to charm me into staying longer! Life after graduation will also mark the first time in 19 years that I will not be enrolled in academic courses (yay!), so I plan to spend some time traveling. I have learned that not taking the time to revitalize yourself and simply enjoy life can have serious negative impacts on your professional work and personal life.


What is one piece of advice that you would give incoming graduate students?

Go for it, whatever ‘it’ is. While this program is academically driven, the opportunity for personal development is tremendous. Put yourself in situations you might not usually take, and do not be afraid to dream big. The only way you will feel satisfied with working for a Masters degree is if you allow your experiences to push you, intellectually and professionally, further than you may have originally planned. Your life is what you choose to make it – let this program and your hard work propel you further!


What is a fun fact about you that most people do not know?

My go-to is always that my initials spell my name (which is true). However, I also had an article published in some Greek media outlets a couple of years ago. It spoke of my experiences from living in Athens as an American, and the general American misperception about Greece today. From the success of this article and the resulting social media campaign, I was invited to the Embassy of Greece in Washington, D.C. to meet the embassy’s communication team and administrative staff. I was not expecting to meet the Ambassador since a high-ranking Greek politician was currently visiting D.C. So you can imagine my surprise when the Ambassador of Greece to the U.S., Christos Panagopoulos, swept into the embassy’s boardroom, taking time from his schedule to shake my hand and thank me on behalf of his country!

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