Charleston, SC Ranked 6th In The Country For Best Places To Start a Career

WalletHub is an award-winning personal finance company that is used by millions of consumers, including leading news outlets. Industry experts from the company recently released a study where Charleston ranked 6th out of over 180+ cities as the best place to start a career. Let’s take a look into how this was determined: 

One of the most difficult decisions young professionals have to make is deciding on where to live. Luckily, there is a higher supply of entry-level jobs than there is demand to fill them, giving new graduates an advantage in the hiring process.

“Employers plan to hire 14.7% more graduates from the Class of 2023 than they did from the Class of 2022.” – WalletHub Industry Experts

The following graphic shows all 182 cities included in the study. Higher-ranked places are purple followed by lower-ranking blue ones. The size of the circle represents the population of that city.

 Move Your Cursor Over The Different Cities To View Their Rankings

The overall ranking of each city is based on total score, professional opportunities, and quality of life. Charleston, SC is shown ranking 6th out of over 180+ cities throughout the country.

Charleston, SC Ranked 6th In The Country For Best Places to Start a Career

Source: WalletHub

Experts from WalletHub evaluated the most populated cities in the United States based on professional opportunities and quality of life to help new graduates in their career search. There were 26 different metrics – each with different weights to the overall score based on favorability for job-market entrants.

Some of the specific metrics include:

  • – Monthly Avg. Starting Salaries (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
  • – Entry-Level Jobs (per 100,000 Working-Age Population)
  • – Job Growth (Adjusted for Population Growth)
  • – Affordable Housing
  • – % of the Population Aged 25 to 34

Yet again, Charleston summits the rankings as one of the best places to live in the country. Not only is it a beautiful location that is rich with history, but it’s now scientifically proven to provide an abundance of opportunities for recent college graduates. The College of Charleston student body is truly set up for success!

Check out the video below for more information about the study!

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