Dean McCandless Published in Forum on Public Policy

shield_ov2Dean Amy McCandless recently presented at the Oxford University Round Table about gender discrimination in Southern universities. We are pleased to announce that her article on that topic was selected for publication in The Forum on Public Policy. Follow the link in the announcement below to read the full article:

Dr. Amy Thompson McCandless, a faculty member of The College of Charleston and Dean of the Graduate School, recently published a paper titled  “Stopping the ‘flow of co-eds and other female species’: A Historical Perspective on Gender Discrimination at Southern (U.S.) Colleges and Universities” in the Forum on Public Policy. Professor McCandless’s paper was published in the Summer 2009 Online edition of the Forum on Public Policy, a journal of the Oxford Round Table. The paper is available here:
The Forum on Public Policy is an online and hard copy peer-reviewed academic journal of the Oxford Round Table Ltd., a not-for-profit educational organization chartered in England and Wales. The papers published in the Forum must, in the judgment of peers, have the potential of making a significant contribution to a field of knowledge relating to a pertinent aspect of public policy and academic enquiry. Papers submitted to the Forum emanate from presentations and discussions at symposia of the Oxford Round Table, held in Oxford, England. These meetings are held every year at one or more colleges of the University of Oxford. Please note that all papers published in the Forum on Public Policy online edition can be accessed free of charge.

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