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Palmetto Fellows (and other scholarships) awared

Posted by: Aron | March 18, 2013 | No Comment |

We received the first list of next year’s freshmen Palmetto Fellows from CHE last Friday and quickly set about awarding the scholarships. With a bit of clean-up, they were all awarded by this morning. Students that are applying with CHE for the June deadline will get awarded when we get that list, probably in August. Our Assistant Director for Scholarships also awarded the Palmetto Promise scholarships this weekend to South Carolina valedictorians, salutatorians and Palmetto Fellows who were not previously awarded an institutional scholarship.

Since we wrapped up awarding Avery scholarships last week and re-ran the LIFE and HOPE awarding programs this morning, that means that all state and institutional scholarships have been awarded for next fall’s entering freshmen. (We have not started awarding federal or need-based aid, but should soon. Returning student scholarship will begin awarding after spring grades post.)

Students that applied for departmental and specialty scholarships and were awarded, will hear from the awarding department before they notify us.

Last, I want to take a brief moment to remind everyone, in particular entering freshmen and their parents, that our office relies almost entirely on email notification, and those mostly to the student’s College email address.

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