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Summer Financial Aid Application Available

Posted by: Aron | March 13, 2013 | 4 Comments |

The application for summer financial aid is available at finaid.cofc.edu/pdf-forms/SSAP.pdf. This application is for Maymester through Summer II. The priority deadline is April 15; if you do it after that your aid probably won’t be ready for when the bill is due and you’ll risk getting dropped for non-payment.

To receive aid (except unused Pell Grant), you must be enrolled half-time, 6 hours for undergrads and 3 hours for grads. The summer application has a place to enter the number of credits you’re taking in which term. Please only submit the application after you’ve signed up for the courses. We will not process it until your registration matches, and so turning it in early slows down the process. Also, if you change from one term to another (like switching from Summer I to Summer II), you must contact our office: I recommend emailing financialaid@cofc.edu.

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I am currently in Trujillo, Spain. If I have mother mail in the form for me, will that be okay?

Unfortunately no, since it requires your signature. Also, from past experience I’ve found that parents aren’t knowledgeable enough about hours attending to complete the form correctly.
Would it work to scan and email us (financialaid@cofc.edu) a copy from Spain, or fax (843-953-7192)? Sure it might have the weird A4 paper format, but otherwise it would be fine from our perspective.

When you say “must be enrolled half time as an undergraduate;” does that mean if I take one 3 credit course in Maymester and one 3 credit course in Summer I, I am eligible for aid?

Very short answer: Yes.
Slightly longer answer: Half-time or more is cumulative of all the summer terms.
Long answer: If you were enrolled in 3 hours Maymester and 3 hours Summer I, you would meet the hours requirement for most types of summer aid. That does not guarantee that you’ll receive aid, just that the hours won’t prevent it, i.e. you could be ineligible for a different reason.
Ridiculously long answer: Prior to the summer of 2011… No, I won’t bore you like that.

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