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3 Insightful Pieces

This past week, three insightful pieces about the future of higher education caught my attention. The first was two significant studies, one by Gallup-Lumina and the other by Deloitte.

Gallup-Lumina Foundation-State of Higher Education 2024 Report

Some takeaways from this report are:

  • Adults without degrees see “credentials” as important
  • Career outcomes are key for considering Higher Education
  • Cost and Financial Aid are the main barriers
  • Over a third of those currently enrolled have considered stopping out
  • One in six students report being disrespected, discriminated against, or feeling unsafe

2024 higher education trends | Deloitte Insights

Some takeaways from this report are:

  • Higher Ed needs a compelling value proposition
  • Higher Ed has a leadership crisis
  • The Athletics landscape is shifting
  • Generative AI presents opportunities and challenges
  • Public-Private-Partnerships (P3) are increasing

Finally, an insightful podcast about how the quest for employment is at the center of the top four drivers of why people choose to get a degree or other credential.

When College is About the Job – Future U Podcast

Here, Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn discuss some of the concerning data trends with Terrell Dunn and offer potential strategies to address them.

Credentials Over Credits: Why Students Aren’t Buying What Universities Are Selling

Bonus link thanks to Chris Mothorpe.

Despite the challenges presented in each of these, I am encouraged. At the College and particularly in the School of Business, we are doing what needs to be done. We are mentoring our students, offering them the opportunity to intentionally design their future, connecting them with industry, and preparing them to be productive contributors and make a difference.

YOU make a difference!

Ponder this with me…

Paul • May 23, 2024

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