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Factory Shots


January 30, 2022 by Jack Wedge

Looking into the German film Kuhle Wampe, a few things came to mind with the themes it was juggling. Obviously unemployment and the troubles of finding a decent job is probably the most prevalent theme when watching this film. Although these couple of shots do not involve Fritz or Anni or any characters at all, it still holds onto the same themes and ideas without having to actually say anything. This series of long shots showcasing actually goes on longer than this clip and presents to its viewers a very desolate setting in which no people being shown is a way to highlight the huge unemployment problem that was very rough within Germany at the time. By showing the various long shots of this establishment that is seen as a hub for jobs and not involving any employees n the picture, audiences are able to see the way in which Bertolt Brecht and Slatan Dudow wanted to share their opinions of the way in which the German people were struggling to find jobs in this capitalistic environment. Although seemingly a very minuscule and clip, it does hold more impact, especially with the very odd and nearly jarring music that brings even more attention to this issue that these filmmakers saw within their country and wanted to share it and even do so through these wonky angles and long shots that highlight the emptiness of Berlin.


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