Congratulations to the 2016 LRSEF Winner Isabella Neubauer!


Congratulations to the 2016 Lowcountry Regional Science and Engineering Fair Winner, Isabella Neubauer! Isabella researched whether online personality tests can accurately measure a person’s personality by testing if the results varied over time. Studies like Isabella’s are important because with an emphasis on social media and personality quizzes, we need to understand the science behind these influences. For example, there are online personality quizzes that employers could use to gauge what type of person you are to use in the hiring decision making process.

Isabella found that her participants’ personality test results changed after two weeks of their first quiz, indicating that these tests might not be an accurate representation of one’s personality. She deduced that, “…the results of online personality tests are not an accurate representation of people’s personalities, and while they may be fun, caution should be exercised for real world applications.”

While doing this research, Isabella took it a step further and investigated the link between music preferences and the “Big 5” personality types. Isabella concluded that there was not a strong connection; however she did find that, “country listeners tended to have low neuroticism and openness, Classical/Christian listeners were agreeable, conscientious, and not neurotic, and rock listeners were introverted.”

With this research, Isabella won the Lowcountry Regional Science and Engineering Fair, held in April at the College of Charleston and presented at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), this May in Phoenix, AZ. Of her trip to the Intel ISEF, she said, “…being able to be a part of the competition at such a high level was awesome, but a little scary too. Interacting with the other competitors and learning about their projects was inspiring – learning from and sometimes just goofing off with some of the smartest kids in the world. Definitely a unique experience.” The LHSM was proud to have Isabella represent the Lowcountry of South Carolina at the Intel ISEF. Her trip was made possible through a donation by the Charleston Defense Contractors Association.

Isabella will be a Junior at The Georgetown School of Art and Sciences, Georgetown, SC. She is still not quite sure what the future holds for her, but she knows that she is interested in science, photography and editing, and history.

As the Intel ISEF says…the future is indeed bright for these science fair participants. And it is indeed bright for our own Isabella Neubauer.

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