IT Strategic Advisory Committee Update

On March 17th, the IT Strategic Advisory Committee (ITSAC) officially finished their inaugural planning season with the finalization of the FY15-17 IT Strategic Plan.  The FY15-17 IT Strategic Plan is a rolling three-year plan that will be updated and realigned annually through the work of the ITSAC.  This year, the Committee developed a set of five Strategic Areas of Focus for IT as well as a total of 18 Tactics, arranged by Area of Focus, to address how IT and the College will move from our current environment to meet the goals and objectives of the plan.  Each Tactic is supported by specific, identifiable 1- and 3-year goals that will help evaluate progress in future iterations.  The final IT Strategic Plan was aligned with the FY15 budget request and presented to the IT Executive Steering Committee in March 2014.  The ITSAC will meet again in June to review the actual FY15 budget allocation for IT and any resulting changes or updates relevant to the Strategic Plan.  Progress has already begun on addressing several Tactics and Goals as identified by the Committee.  IT is excited to have a new strategic direction formulated with the help of the College community we serve!

For more information and updates to the FY15-17 IT Strategic Plan please visit the website at: