What is a Child Life Specialist?

Child Life DegreeWith only 10 students accepted each year, the Master of Science in Child Life is one of the most competitive programs offered at the University of Charleston, South Carolina. The program is a full time, two-year program that includes one required summer session as well as a practicum in the child life department at MUSC and an off-site internship. It is an intense two years, but students complete the program with over 700 hours of experience in the field and fully prepared to pass the  Association of Child Life Professionals certification exam.

What Can I do with a MS in Child Life?

The easiest answer to this question is become a Certified Child Life Specialist. Usually employed at a pediatric hospital or other medical care setting, these extraordinary individuals help improve the overall medical experience for the patient and family. Child Life Specialists are trained to help infants, children and their families cope and understand a child’s hospital experience. These tasks can range from explaining a procedure to a child in order to alleviate the sense of fear to helping parents with loss and bereavement. This is an incredibly challenging and rewarding profession.

The experience gained by completing our MSCL program is invaluable. Graduates learn how to communicate with children at any stage of development. They learn the complexities of family relations. They become experts in stress management. These skills could be applied to other professions including social work, early childhood education, parent education, allied healthcare, special education and more.

Master of Science in Child Life at College of Charleston

MS Child LifeThe interest in the Child Life Specialist profession is rapidly growing, and, considering internship hours are a requirement to earn certification, it is also very competitive. Those interested in pursuing this career are encouraged to get an advanced degree as it will give you the experience and education needed to earn your certification. With a small cohort of approximately 10 students, you’ll receive individual attention and support at the University of Charleston that you can’t find elsewhere. This specialized attention continues to be one of the top reasons our students choose our program over others. If becoming a Child Life Specialist is your dream, the master’s program at the University of Charleston will not only get you there, but prepare you to flourish.

There is no spring or summer admission for the UCSC MSCL program. We accept one cohort per year, and it begins in fall. The application deadline is January 15. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the program or admission requirements.

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