Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year 2016 ExCEL Award: Stephanie Meier


As an undergraduate at the College of Charleston, I knew I would miss the beautiful campus and amazing faculty upon graduation. So, I was thrilled to discover in early spring 2015 that the College of Charleston offered a variety of graduate programs through the University of Charleston, SC. I jumped at the chance to apply to the Masters in Communication (MCOM) Program because I knew I wanted to pursue health communication. Because I already had a research background and was a research assistant on the Women’s Health Research Team (WHRT), an interdisciplinary research team at the College, I knew that continuing my education at the University of Charleston, S.C. would allow me to pursue my passion for health communication and women’s health research. The mentors from the WHRT really helped solidify my decision to remain at the College to continue working toward improving the health of women and girls in the community and in South Carolina.

I love how close-knit the MCOM faculty and students are and I have made some incredibly talented friends. Charleston has always been like a second home to me. Sincethe age of two, I have been coming to Charleston with my family. Charleston has become even more like a home because of the relationships I have formed while at the University of Charleston, S.C. It is such an honor to receive the ExCEL Award for Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year because I feel so lucky to be here pursuing my graduate studies in such a meaningful and lovely place.



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