“Go Get ‘Em” Alumni Blog Series: Leah Fisher, Marine Biology (2012)

Leah Fisher

Leah Fisher, Marine Biology (2012)
Climate Change Policy Coordinator for the National Ocean Service

“Take advantage of your networks. You never know when WHO you know will make the difference”

Leah Fisher is a recent graduate of the Master of Science in Marine Biology program and the current Climate Change Policy Coordinator for the National Ocean Service in Washington DC. Originally from Charleston, Leah attended Duke University for her undergraduate degree and came to College of Charleston to study sea turtles but switched to specializing in marine policy after researching at the Grice Marine Lab (part of the College’s facilities on James Island).

Leah’s open mindedness in her research allowed her the opportunity to apply for the Knauss Fellowship (a marine policy fellowship at the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration) which turned into her current job. Leah’s focus as the Climate Change Policy Coordinator is on climate change issues as they relate to the Ocean Service, with a focus on coastal community resilience and adaptation to climate change hazards, like sea level rise.  She promotes the work and priorities of the Ocean Service in the realm of climate change adaptation and community resilience, and coordinates climate change policy issues across the different programs in the Ocean Service.

Words of Wisdom: “Specifically for Grice students, it’s a unique master’s of science program that lets students explore before committing to a thesis project – so take advantage of the opportunity to explore, and keep an open mind to all of the other types of science that you may not have been interested in previously.”

Congratulations on your success Leah!

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