The Other V-Day

Valentine’s day might be on Thursday, but there’s another V-Day that seems more important to mention.

What is the other V-Day?
V-Day is a global activist movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-Day promotes creative events (such as the Vagina Monologues, discussed below) to increase awareness, raise money and motivate existing anti-violence organizations. The fight to stop violence against women and girls focuses on rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM) and sex slavery, among others.

In 2012, over 5800 V-Day benefit events took place. The V-Day movement is growing at a rapid pace throughout the world, in 140 countries from Europe to Asia, Africa and the Caribbean and all of North America. V-Day is a non-profit corporation. Funds are distributed to budding, national and international organizations and programs. The V-Day movement has raised over $75 million and reached over 300 million people. The ‘V’ in V-Day stands for Victory, Valentine and Vagina.


What are The Vagina Monologues?
Described as “funny” and “poignant” by The New York Times and “intelligent” and “courageous” by the Daily News, The Vagina Monologues, explores the mystery, humor, pain, power, wisdom, outrage and excitement buried in women’s experiences. Simply put, the production is a series of stories about women and their vaginas. Parts will be funny, parts will be sad, but it’s all honest.

Emily Rogers, an undergraduate senior majoring in Women and Gender Studies, is the director of CofC’s production this year. She also let me know that, this year, graduate student Christina Mahan is a part of the production. Emily describes what The Vagina Monologues can do for women:

“Being a part of (or attending) The Vagina Monologues opens up a dialogue for women to discuss the often stigmatized vagina. It allows us to speak freely about a part of our anatomy and ourselves that we’ve been told is disgusting or off-limits. My hope is that after leaving the performance women and girls can say (and believe), ‘my vagina is beautiful.'” 

When can I see it?
The shows will be Wednesday, February 13th at 7:30 and Thursday, February 14th at 7:30 & midnight. Tickets will be sold in Cougarmall (between the Robert Scott Small Building and Maybank Hall) from 10sm-3pm everyday leading up to the shows and at Physician’s Auditorium on performance nights. They are $10 for students/faculty/staff and $12 for general public. 

*Caution: The Vagina Monologues contains graphic details and adult content that is not suitable for children. This is not a family-friendly event.*

Information courtesy of the College of Charleston V-Day press release and Emily Rogers, director of CofC’s production of “The Vagina Monologues” this year.

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