One grad student making an impact

I admit it.I’ve selfishly held onto Nikki Seibert’s blog, A Road Less Traveled.Nikki is a full-time grad student in our Environmental Studies program, and fully committed to making a difference.She sold her car in July and picked up a bike and has been sharing her observations, friendships and experiences ever since.Why did she choose this life style?“I am passionate about being the change I wish to see in the world,” she said in one August blog entry.And she’s doing a great job at it.On November 11th, South Carolina’s Sustainability Institute awarded her contributions with the 2008 Nathanial Jones Individual Honoree Award.

We all wish her the best of luck in her travels, and are incredibly proud of her achievements.And if you see her biking during your commute, say hello – don’t throw an egg.That’s just not nice.

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