Summer Internship with a Talent Company in LA

By William Swinbank

This summer I had the opportunity to work as a summer intern for Fourward, a leading talent company in Los Angeles that specializes in music, film and TV, and venture capital. It was a perfect opportunity as it allowed me to see so many different aspects of the entertainment industry as well as a look into the business world.

As a summer intern I did a wide variety of tasks. Every day was a different day, where sometimes I was sitting in on meetings with potential investors for venture capital funds, reading scripts for clients, or attending an album release for an artist a part of Fourward. Of course it wasn’t all fun–I had plenty of errands and office work to do, but it was hard to complain while working in Beverly Hills! On top of that, everyone I worked with from the executive assistant to the CEO, Will Ward, were incredibly kind. Plus they are both CofC alumni.

One of my favorite days at work was when the venture arm of Fourward hosted an event in a gorgeous house in Beverly Hills overlooking downtown LA. Although I was on the clock, I met big film executives, heard from successful businessmen, and get advice from those that are doing exactly what I aspire to do one day. It felt like I got to make the kinds of connections that everyone in filmmaking always talks about. The entire internship was a great experience that has motivated me to stay on the path towards a career in film.

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