A South African Safari by Jenna Zaremsky

The next big thing we got to experience in South Africa was that we got to go on Safari in the Pilanesburg National Park! On this Safari, we got to see numerous animals such as Elephants, Springbok (an Antelope), Zebra, Lions, Warthogs, and more. We even got to see the Lions eating a giraffe, which didn’t smell very nice! Haha!

We also learned a lot about conservation efforts and issues with the poaching of wildlife, mainly Rhinos, thanks to a volunteer group hosting a stand to raise money and awareness for animal protection. Rhinos are on the top of the list of species being killed off for their horns, or they get badly injured in the process. It was really sad to learn about, but I’m happy to continue spreading awareness about the subject! I enjoyed it so much, I’m thinking of possibly going back to volunteer myself next year!

It was amazing to see how these animals lived in harmony. The markets of the safari villas we were staying at hosted numerous different kinds of gifts, like colorful baskets, animal carvings, or traditional dresses. All of the market people were very friendly, and it was exciting to hear how passionate for their craft they were whenever they would explain the process of the item. I even got to see basket weaving at one of the stands being done during the day, and it was interesting to watch. I ended up getting one for my grandma and myself!

This was definitely an eye opening experience. I’ve never had the opportunity to see these animals in their natural habitats, and we even had a close interaction with a Lion and an Elephant, which showed me that they weren’t so scary or aggressive in all reality (like some movies make them out to be.) I included pictures of those encounters! The Lion was staring right at me, and it was kind of cool!! I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took during the Safari!

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