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We’ve all heard the saying, “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.” The College of Charleston has taken this maxim one step further by teaching students not just how to learn, but also how to teach others the best ways to learn.

Established in 2011, the Center for Excellence in Peer Education, or CEPE (“see – pee,” as its students call it), is a place where CofC students can learn how to become  peer educators. To mark the center’s tenth anniversary as a central hub for training and supporting peer educators, the CEPE will host a drop-in open house from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 8, 2021, in the Lightsey Center, Suite B66. 

The CEPE is unique to the College of Charleston; no other large campus in South Carolina has a peer education center. The center serves as a way for students to get involved, help others and become part of the campus community, all while taking on the role of “peer educator.”

According to Page Keller, the center’s director since its establishment, “peer educator” is an umbrella term that encompasses a lot of different roles where any paraprofessional –  meaning a recipient of formal training – serves in a peer-helping-peer role. At the College, peer educators are deployed across campus in many different places from academics to student life, fulfilling program specific duties in areas that spark their interests.

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Third Annual Strengths Institute

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Sometimes we don’t know our own strength. But once we do, it makes us even stronger – and empowers everyone around us, too. That’s why the College of Charleston Office for the Academic Experience is offering faculty and staff the opportunity to attend its third annual Strengths Institute, Aug. 3–5, 2021. Applications close May 21, 2021.

This free, fun and interactive workshop is limited to 24 people and will be offered in a hybrid format with portions being held in person on campus and portions being held virtually.

Based on Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment and talent themes, the Strengths Institute gives faculty and staff a foundation to explore, engage, understand and apply their individual strengths. Participants will come away with an appreciation for all 34 talent themes and will identify practical ways to implement their strengths in instruction and develop skills to enhance interactions with students and colleagues.

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Cougar Countdown 2021

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Cougar Countdown Helps Make Finals Fun.  For most students, exams mean late nights of coffee-fueled studying. But the College of Charleston wants to help ease that stress with a series of activities designed to keep students centered and relaxed as they wrap up the spring semester.

Running April 22-27, 2021, Cougar Countdown is a mix of physical support, emotional support and fun activities for students during the last week of classes and Exam Week.

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Exploration, discovery, discussions and research are all key components of the College of Charleston’s First Year Experience (FYE) program, which is designed to fully integrate new students into the academic and cultural community of the College. FYE usually includes activities outside the classroom, and although the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges for the fall 2020 semester, faculty still found ways to connect students with learning opportunities beyond their books.

“During the pandemic first-year students have faced many more obstacles than normal to finding ways to make new friends and interact with one another,” says Sarah Owens, director of the First Year Experience program and professor of Hispanic Studies. “FYE professors have made an extra effort to help students get excited about their course content while providing a semblance of normalcy. I’m proud of the myriad of extra opportunities we have offered our students this semester. Watching the stars with your astronomy professor or attending a local comedy night with your tourism class can very well be the highlight of a student’s first year here at the College of Charleston.”

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Have Fun, Stay Focused During Finals with Cougar Countdown

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Cougar Countdown kicks off Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020, with a variety of academic and social events aimed at helping students stay focused and centered during finals from Dec. 8-Dec. 14.

Organized by the Center for Student Learning, Cougar Countdown is a program for students to support their mind, body and spirit during the final days of each semester and during final exams.

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Orientation 2020: Everything You Need to Know

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For the first time ever, new student orientation at the College of Charleston will be held online for incoming students joining the Cougar family for the fall 2020 semester. Running from July 8 to Aug. 7, 2020, a total of 11 virtual orientation sessions will be held for students and families to learn more about campus resources, academic programs and student life.

Each student’s schedule will be different, based on required meetings and advising appointments. Students will receive their personalized schedules a week before their orientation in their College of Charleston email. On the day of orientation, students, in a series of online sessions via Zoom, will work with an orientation intern, meet other new students and work with an academic advisor to review academic plans and register for fall classes.

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The Center for Student Learning (CSL) earlier this spring celebrated its first-ever cohort of tutors to complete the Tutor Advancement Program (TAP).

“Part of the CSL’s mission is to provide opportunities where peer educators (such as tutors) may increase their knowledge and skills in a way that is beneficial for them in their work in the CSL and beyond,” says Abe Saunders, CSL associate director. “We want to promote student leadership and development through peer education experiences. The goal is for TAP participants to become more effective tutors. But we are also committed to helping their tutor experience benefit their academic and professional goals. Knowledge and skills that our tutors develop through this program can be invaluable to their future success.”

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Nora Krasowski featured on CofC Faces to Know

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Nora Krasowski is the Lead Support Coordinator for freshman students participating in the REACH Program.

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Strengths Institute 2020

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Faculty  and staff are invited to apply to attend the second annual Strengths Institute, Aug. 10–12, 2020.

Based on Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment and talent themes, the Strengths Institute is a highly interactive workshop designed to provide faculty and staff a foundation to understand and apply their individual strengths.  It also provides strategies to weave strengths into their instruction and interactions with students.

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The College’s Center for Student Learning (CSL) is ready to offer all of its tutoring and student support services virtually during the institution’s e-learning period due to the coronavirus pandemic. Services offered will include tutoring, supplemental instruction, peer academic coaches and study skills services.

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