cell phone scanning a bubble answer sheet
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Ditch the Scantron, Use ZipGrade

cell phone scanning a bubble answer sheetAre you tired of walking to Bell or the Library to use the Scantron machine?  Try ZipGrade.

Last year at the ISTE Conference I was introduced to ZipGrade but am just getting around to looking at in depth.  ZipGrade “turns your phone or tablet into an optical grading machine similar to a Scantron. It reads free-to-download answer sheets in multiple sizes. Provide instant feedback to students by grading exit tickets, quizzes, and formative assessments as soon as they finish.” (ZipGrade website)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Download the ZipGrade app to your cell phone or tablet (iOS and Android)
  3. Print out the 100-question answer sheets for your students (don’t worry, your test/quiz can be less than 100 questions)
  4. Student takes the test and turns in the answer sheet
  5. You use your phone to scan it, right then and there if you want.  It takes seconds!

You’re done.  By the time all the students have taken the test, you’re done grading!!  Plus you’re instantly able to see the students’ scores on your app and your question stats.  No more schlepping to Bell or the Library to use the Scantron.

screenshot of the appFeatures

  • Use with or without (anonymous) student names and ID numbers
  • No internet is required to create and scan the quizzes
  • You can import your student information using an OAKS download
  • Create answer sheet packs with student names and ID numbers pre-filled

Tip – use the 100 question answer sheet because it’s the only one that allows an ID number long enough to accommodate the CWID.



  • Fast and easy.
  • Free and cheap.
  • Realtime quiz/test scores.
  • Reads pen and pencil.
  • Export your OAKS classlist into ZipGrade.
  • Cannot re-import the ZipGrade quiz grades back into OAKS.  You have to manually enter them in the grade book.


  • Free download and 100-scans per month
  • Unlimited Scanning: $6.99 for 1 year

FERPA and Privacy: