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Meet Katie Greenway, Sociology Major and HSS Scholar

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What made you decide to major in sociology?

My intro to sociology course made me very interested in the subject and I knew that having a major in Sociology could be a valuable tool for making a difference in the world.

How does this major fit into your life plan?

I am also a major in urban studies with a focus in planning. My ultimate goal is to start my own consulting firm with my sister, focusing on reuniting city planning and public health. Sociology has given me a unique perspective to city planning that is of great importance to understanding community and how to plan for inclusion.

What are some of your favorite courses?
Urban Sociology, Criminology, and Social Statistics.


Who is/ are your favorite professor(s) and why?

Dr. Auriffeille, Dr. Hatteberg, and Dr. Hoffmann are my absolute favorite professor because they are encouraging, helpful, and friendly people who are always willing to assist with anything I need help with. On top of being great professors, they also care about me as a person and make me feel like I always have someone to go to no matter if it helps with an assignment, job searching, applying to graduate school or if I just need advice. They are more than great professors, they are amazing people and The College is lucky to have them.

Are you working on a Bachelor’s Essay, Independent Study, or Internship? If so, what are you working on?

I am working on an independent study with Dr. Hatteberg researching best practices for teaching online. There is a good amount of literature on online courses for graduate-level students, but not much on undergraduate students. We are attempting to feel this gap with a specific focus on Statistics for the Social Sciences.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to obtain a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration on Urban Planning. Following this, I would like to establish a consulting business for urban planning and public health.

What advice do you have for students deciding on their major?

I would advise future sociology majors to have a plan for what they want to do with this major. Sociology can be very valuable knowledge, but you need a plan to utilize this knowledge in the workforce whether it be teaching, developing a non-profit, or going into social work. There are many opportunities with a major in sociology, but those opportunities will not just show up right after graduating with a bachelors. Make a plan, because you will certainly be able to make a difference in the world with all the knowledge obtained through your four years at The College of Charleston.

What has been your greatest accomplishment at the College of Charleston?

My greatest accomplishment has been graduating in three years with a double major, participating in two internships, all while developing a strong passion for both my majors and a plan following graduation.

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