Meet Mary Moser, the Essential Backbeat of the Honors Community

Article by Jack Bartlett

All Honors Students are familiar with the feeling of walking through the doors of the Honors Center at 10 Green Way, and being greeted by the sweet smiling face behind the desk. It is no secret, then, that Mary Moser is a cornerstone of the CofC Honors community. 

Outside of planning Honors events like graduation and making sure everything in Honors is running smoothly, there is more to Mary than meets the eye. 

Mary graduated from the College of Charleston in 1992 with a degree in Fine Arts (Music and Theater Performance concentration). While her time at the College as an undergraduate student was transformative, it was not necessarily traditional.

She started her college career at Lenoir-Rhyne, a small school in North Carolina. It was at Lenoir-Rhyne that Mary had to make the decision most College of Charleston students are currently making: “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” 

At Lenoir-Rhyne, she received a piece of advice that helped her decide her path.

“What is something you could never see yourself not doing?”

The answer was simple: Music; Mary could never see her life without music. 

This unconventional educational path has prepared her for working in the Honors College in several ways. For one, Mary knows that it is okay to get off the beaten path and forge your own way; this skill most definitely comes in handy when calming down Honors students who have just experienced the earth-shattering experience of not getting the specific section of a specific class on course registration day. 

In her free time, Mary enjoys music. Even in the Honors Center, one can occasionally hear her humming a little tune to herself. She is quite gifted when it comes to singing; in fact, before the COVID-19 pandemic, Mary was very active in her Church’s choir. Is there going to be a Mary Moser concert tour? Well, maybe not anytime soon, but before her time with CofC Honors, she actually toured Europe with her choir group. 

During her tour, Mary performed in places such as Germany and France. She credits this immersive travel experience as the reason she is so passionate about students going abroad the first opportunity they can. 

“Go abroad! Use your time now, because once you leave school you may not have the same opportunities presented to you that are presented at the College.” 

From unconventional student to international singer, there is a lot more than what meets the eye for Mary Moser. Make sure you say hello next time you’re in the Honors Center!

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