Assistant professor Elisa Jones organizes virtual symposium

Elisa Jones, who joined the History Department this summer, has organized a fascinating and timely virtual symposium entitled, Speech as Protest: Being Heard and Taking up Space in the Premodern World.

Hosted by the Newberry Library October 22-29, this weeklong virtual presentation will discuss:

What constitutes speech? What is a public space, and how is it policed? How are the boundaries drawn between those who want to be seen and heard, and those who want them to remain absent? How were permeable boundaries between public presence and absence created, enforced, and challenged in the medieval and early modern periods?

Ada Palmer, professor of history at the University of Chicago and renowned author, will deliver the keynote address, “The Modern Political Impact of How We Talk about Premodern Censorship,” on Thursday afternoon and will participate in the final roundtable. A detailed schedule can be found at the bottom of the event page here.

This virtual symposium is FREE and you can register to attend here.

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