Classics Day at the College of Charleston

On November 10, over 125 high school classics students from across the state of South Carolina descended on the College of Charleston campus to enjoy a day of camaraderie at the SC Junior Classical League fall forum. Beyond the obligatory business meeting, students attended a variety of lectures/discussions by faculty from the College of Charleston, Furman University, and the University of South Carolina:

  • “An Empire of the Mind: The Egypt of Ptolemy I,” Dr. Jennifer Gerrish, College of Charleston
  • “Strangers and Foreigners in Ancient Greece,” Dr. Samuel Flores, College of Charleston
  • “What You Can Do with a Classics Major,” Dr. James Newhard, College of Charleston
  • “Roman Glass: Archaeology and History,” Dr. Allison Sterrett-Krause, College of Charleston
  • “Classics around Charleston,” Dr. Aaron Palmore, College of Charleston
  • “Alexander the Great and the Explosion of Greek Culture,” Dr. Andrew Alwine, College of Charleston
  • “The Indo-European Roots of the Classical Languages,” Dr. Eunice Kim, Furman University
  • “The Gothic Invasions and the End of the Roman Empire,” Dr. Jason Osborne, University of South Carolina-Columbia
  • “Ancient and Digital Mapping,” Dr. Chiara Palladino, Furman University
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