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New Music Collective Free Show



Modernist Love Tour

Thursday September 5, 2013
Cato Center for the Arts room 239 (2nd floor)
161 Calhoun Street
8pm concert
 (with donations accepted and encouraged)

The New Music Collective is having a FREE show at the College on Thursday! Earth People, featuring pianist Eric Wubbels (Wet Ink Ensemble) and cellist Jessie Marino (Ensemble Pamplemousse), travel to Charleston as part of their Modernist Love Tour to present works by NMC favorites Alvin Lucier and Peter Ablinger.

For those of you looking to expand your experiences while sparing your wallet, this may be a fun one to catch. According to the NMC’s websiteThe Modernist Love Tour is a chance for Jessie Marino and Eric Wubbels to break up their traveling from the Northeast to the Southwest. On the way they are stopping in cities they love or have never been and presenting some lesser played works from the oeuvre of modern contemporary experimental composers Peter Ablinger and Alvin Lucier. Lucier is a revered explorer of the physical processes of sound and the transmission of sound. Ablinger can also be said to be a sound artist, working with noise and found objects, but also works with extra musical forms such as installations and plays.

Sources for Arts Events

To get you started, I thought I would list some sources that will help you find arts events in Charleston:

College of Charleston School of Music

College of Charleston Theatre Productions

Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

Charleston City Paper

Theatre 99

Pure Theatre

New Music Collective

Redux Contemporary Art Center

Jazz Artists of Charleston

Please add other sources in the comments to help each other find fun happenings around the city.

Welcome to our blog!

Dear Students,

Welcome to your Intro to Arts Management Blog! We are going to use this site to report on our arts experiences. Blogging is such a fun way to share knowledge with others in your fields of study. Consider this platform an opportunity to speak your voice and share with your classmates about the shows and events you are attending during the semester.

As listed on your syllabus, each of you is required to create posts about your arts experiences (a total of 3 per semester). Within the post, I would like to see the following:

1. What did you see and where was it? (include hyperlinks / URLs)

2. What was your reaction?

3. Discuss an element of your experience that related to something from our class discussions.

4. Would you recommend this event to others?

I am looking forward to sharing arts experiences together!