Glory Be the Power of the Orange

Glory be and praise the Lord Jesus Christ above for he has truly blessed me.  There was a time, last week, when I was shopping for produce at local vendor known the city wide as “The Vegetable Bin.”  I was searching for citrus as the Lord told me that I was insufficient in my supply of vitamin C; and he advised me, or rather told me within my tongue and heart and stomach, that I should travel beyond my modest home and search for such fruit though it be in the cold of the winter months.

Among the multitudinous array of eggplant and winter squashes, apples and carrots I found, to my delight and knew it was a gift of the Lord, a large display of oranges that were arranged in a triangular spectacle near the back of the merchants shop.  I eagerly approached this display with all the fervor and glory that God instill in me and began sifting through the hard fleshy oranges in search of the fruit that I knew that Lord above would provide for me.

Glory be, If there has never been an event that proved the existence of the Lord so much as the one that faced me that day, I do not know.  As I searched through the oranges, each one calling to me from above to taste of its supple nuances there appeared, as if through the innumerable wonders of the lord, the most spectacular blood orange.   It is if the Lord, himself, was truly speaking to me and allowing me to quench my thirst thorough his wonderful fruit.  The blood orange lay among the bottom of the orange pyramid and I promptly plucked the fruit from its place and purchased the item.

Upon my return to my modest home I engaged in eating the wondrous fruit.   ‘Twas the supplest and most succulent fruit I’ve ever had the privilege to dine upon.  The lord surely was smiling down upon me and ensuring, if not testing, my devotion to him as well as my ability to follow his directions and word.   Because of this, there surely will be a place among the Lord’s world and I shall sit in his kingdom and forever sing his praises.  Praise to the lord and the existence of his oranges.

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