About Us

Mission Statement

The College of Charleston Architecture and Art History Club’s mission is to expose students of Architecture and Art History to historic Charleston. The club intends to provide rare opportunities for students by establishing and maintaining relationships with the historical, cultural, and social community in context to the study of visual arts and architecture.


The Architecture and Art History club intends to provide resources and opportunities for students to evaluate the aesthetic and social meanings of visual culture and history while developing the intellectual tools necessary to engage in analytical and critical study of art and architectural works. This multidisciplinary approach to visual culture will allow for high impact experiences and enrich student understandings.
It is our desire that a symbiotic relationship between local experts and students will offer students practical experiences and heighten interests by utilizing classroom practicalities in a professional setting. By exploring this collective interest, it is our goal that both the student and the expert would benefit from this relationship and encourage civic involvement.


  • Club members will experience special tours, lectures, and site visits by exploring many of Charleston’s architectural and visual art resources.
  • Site visits will provide the opportunity to integrate classroom theories with practical experiences.
  • The organization prepares students to pursue an academic or professional career by facilitating relationships into fields such as but not limited to: Architecture, Art History, Art, Preservation, History, Archeology, Urban Planning/Development, etc.


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