Month: March 2022

To-Do List

A to-do list is a list of action items to be completed. To-do lists aim at improving a user’s daily productivity by organizing their goals and objectives into a clear, concise format. Definition A to-do list is a subgenre of the list, which is simply a series of items. To-do lists are like lists, but…Continue Reading To-Do List

Drainers and Drain Gang 101

Long before TikTok users discovered the trendy “B*tches Come and Go Brah” audio, was Drain Gang. And Shield Gang. And Gravity Boys. And Sad Boys. These are all different names for basically the same thing – a Swedish music group made up of the four rappers Yung Lean, Bladee, Ecco2k, and Thaiboy Digital. The TikTok…Continue Reading Drainers and Drain Gang 101

How to Write for Orientation

Orientation at the College of Charleston Est. Reading time 2min What is Orientation at College of Charleston? As a student here at College of Charleston you have experienced orientation. Orientation is required of every new student who attends the College. The office of the New Student Programs leads almost all students through orientation and their…Continue Reading How to Write for Orientation

Opinion Piece

Social and Rhetorical Functions An opinion piece is a prose genre used by newspapers, magazines, and similar publications to offer diverse commentary on issues currently in the news. Although not strictly designed to balance the editorial perspective of the newspaper or magazine, opinion pieces provide a space for news publications to share arguments that may…Continue Reading Opinion Piece

How to Help Your Peers on Campus

Are you looking for ways to get involved on campus? Do you enjoy helping your fellow students? Want resume building experiences? Let me introduce you to the College of Charleston’s Peer Facilitator Program. What Is a PF? When you were in your first year of college at CofC, do you remember taking your First Year…Continue Reading How to Help Your Peers on Campus