Whitman:the new frontier

I tried to post a picture, but I failed. It wound up turning into alot of random text that filled up all of my space. Anyway, it was a photo of him as a younger man in a very loose and somewhat disheveled suit. He looks like an old-school hippie with his shaggy unkept beard but appears perfectly content with himself. He’s referred to as a “beautiful misfit” in the photo because his grace and confidence shines through his sloppy attire. To me, he represents a modern individual with his own voice and style looking for a new way of life and searching for the new frontier. That is the beauty behind his refusal to conform. He seeks natural wonders in the world as well as a pure way of living without unecessary violence and conflict. The country eventually spread west with the help of new industry and technology, and I believe Walt’s exploratory spirit paved the way for modern poets to follow. He will always be considered a pioneer although he recieves widespread criticism as well.

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