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Water pollution caused by energy industry

Here’s an interesting article on how groundwater can be polluted during natural drilling operations. Link. Interestingly EPA doesn’t seem to be enforcing regulations that help protect human health.  If you’re curious as to whether SC DHEC does a better job of enforcing health and environmental regulations on local inductry, here’s your answer…

How clean is your drinking water?

Recent surveys (link, link) are reporting that low levels of pharmaceutical chemicals (antibiotics, hormones, anti-depressants, etc.), active ingredients in personal care products (hand-wash soap, etc.), fire retardant chemicals (coatings on clothes, mattresses, sofas, carpets, etc.) are present in drinking water even after they have been treated. We don’t know yet as to what would happen […]

Performance of US in Environmental Stewardship

A recent survey conducted by researchers at Yale and Columbia Universities concluded that US ranks dead last among the richest 8 countries and 39th among 149 countries evaluated. Link. The survey created an Environmental Peformance Index (EPI) for 149 countries with the help of several indicators within the broad categories of Environmental Health, Air Pollution, […]