Is Science being censored?

By | September 7, 2011

Guest post by Blake Wright

Most people think of censoring science as a concept of the past, something only done to protect the church before church and state were separate, however the reality of the situation is censoring still occurs.  Perhaps the church no longer has power in the United States, but money does, more specifically, oil money. This censorship focuses on diverting attention from global warming and discrediting scientists who have any facts that may hurt profits and bring public attention to a human impact on global warming. This can be seen back in 2008 as well as in the still ongoing issue with the ‘poster child’ of global warming, the polar bear drownings. However, this problem does not simply stop with global warming, but can be seen with the current issue of ‘fracking’, which has very evident side affects to water and the environment but is still being fought over by regulators and the energy industry.

One thought on “Is Science being censored?

  1. Victoria Feakins

    Unfortunately, I think money controls many situations in the United States and that is why our country has not taken more action to prevent global warming or focus on sustaining out planet. There is so much evidence proving that we need to make a change and pay better attention to the environment, but the government is the ultimate factor that could make a significant change- and much of their concern is about the economy.

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