The Story of Stuff

By | February 28, 2008

Here’s a link to an interesting movie that discusses the environmental impact of how our economies work. A lot of the information in the movie relates to topics we talk about in class. There are a lot of disconcerting facts in the movie and can wake you up to what you might be facing in the future. I encourage you visit the site and watch the movie. Feel free to post what you learned from watching this movie.

4 thoughts on “The Story of Stuff

  1. Hampton

    It is amazing how much resources we are using today. This is why our country is suffering as much as it is. The United States is using more than 30% of its share of natural resource. If every other country used that amount, we would need 3-5 worlds. I think this should be a wake up call to everybody who cares about the beauty of this world.

  2. murraydonna

    For as long as humans have been around, we have had to rely on the environment to feed us, protect us, and provide resources for us to grow as a population. We can’t survive and refrain from using our planet’s resources. However, it’s shocking and disappointing to hear about the sudden increase in resource exploitation and dependency. Learning that newborn babies are getting toxins from their mother’s milk is disgusting. Something needs to be done.
    I read an article the other day about “eco-gifting.” Think about all of the occasions our society suggests we buy a gift for someone: birthdays, religious holidays, graduations, baby showers, weddings, etc. The list goes on and on. In addition to the gifts we buy, we wrap these gifts and buy greeting cards. During our annual “spring cleaning,” we are likely to throw away a lot of the gifts we have received because realistically, we don’t actually need that stuff. The article suggests that we stop buying gifts for people. Instead, we get away from the material world and try to do something special for the occasion. Cooking dinner at home, buy tickets to a museum, a concert, or a sporting event are all good gift ideas. I think if our society wasn’t so caught up in “owning things” we could gradually escape this dilemma.

  3. Kristen

    This was a very interesting and informative movie. I couldn’t believe some of the facts they talked about, like how we have used a third of our resources in the past 30 years or how we now only have 4% of the forests that were originally here in the U.S. It is really sad how people including children are sacrificing in Third World countries so that we can get goods we will use for a year at most and then throw away. This has made me think about how much stuff I use, and I think that if more people saw this movie, then they might cut back, too.

  4. Logan

    It is a shame that a country as affiliated as ours can not do a better job in being a leader for our world as to the use of our natural resources. Theres no excuse for the US to be using more than 30% of the natural resources.

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