Kurt Vonnegut Society Virtual Panels, ALA 2021

Panel 1:  Vonnegut and Religion

Chair: Nicole Lowman, University at Buffalo

  1. “Vonnegut, Apathetic Christianity, and Christian Humanism,” Megan Kehoe, Liberty University
  2. “Cat’s Cradle: The Sin of Science and Systems,” Ben Berman Ghan, independent scholar

Panel 2:  Wither Vonnegut Studies?

Chair: Tom Hertweck, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  1. “Why Am I Alive in Slaughterhouse-Five?” Chi Angie Tsai, National Taiwan Normal University
  2. “Forgetting Red Power: Slaughterhouse-Five, Indigenous Protest, and Vonnegut’s Critique of Settler Colonialism,” Zachary Laminack, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  3. “Rumfoord’s Revenge,” Celena R. Orion, Northern Arizona University
  4. “In the Slaughterhouse: Pairing Night and Slaughterhouse-Five,” Brian Hartt, North Bergen High School
  5. “Vonnegut and Dresden Historiography: the Strange Case of David Irving,” Susan Farrell, College of Charleston