Spring 2011 Workshops

Save the date for upcoming LITE Workshops@Addlestone! We will send email reminders with the topic, time, and location to faculty, staff, and students, as well as Facebook reminders and ‘tweets’.

  • What’s New in PowerPoint 2010:  Being an introduction as to how to use the new PowerPoint and by so doing start down the road to presentation awesomeness.
    February 3rd
    3 – 4:30pm
    Addlestone Library, Room 120

PowerPoint, SchmowerPoint.  So, what’s the big deal with the new PowerPoint 2010 anyway?  Come find out how the new Office 2010 product has become much more than a helpful rearranging of buttons and the addition of a festive ribbon. In this first Addlestone LITE session of the semester we will give an overview (and hands-on) of the new capabilities of PowerPoint 2010 and how you can use them to more easily create presentations and  enrich them with video, graphics, and animations.  Also, learn how to more easily distribute your presentations with file compression and video creation (easily, really).

Register here, then dress casual, and show up smiling.
What’s new in PowerPoint 2010 Registration Form

Session Handouts

Quick Reference Guid: MS PowerPoint 2010 (PDF)
What’s New in PowerPoint 2010?
(URL) Online Tutorials from Microsoft Office)

  • Skype: For the enlightened and those who wish to be
    March 24th

    3 – 4:30pm
    Addlestone Library, Room 122

Skype allows you to make voice and video calls, send instant messages, and share files with other Skype users. Learn how to use Skype in your classroom to bring guest speakers and subject matter experts to your classroom,  collaborate with colleagues from all over the world without traveling, explore new opportunities, talk with family and friends and just have fun!

  • GIMP:  Tired of 80’s clip art?  Nurture Your Creativity!
    April 7th
    3 – 4:30pm

    Addlestone Library, Room 120

    The GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free, open-source image editing application for photo retouching, painting, compositing, and image creation that is similar to Photoshop.  Gain hands-on skills and learn techniques for creating digital images using GIMP,  an effective image-editing, color-painting and photo retouching tool.
  • Integrating Library Services in OAKS
    April 21st
    3 – 4:30pm

    Addlestone Library, Room 120

    Will you be using OAKS, the Online Academic Knowledge System that will replace our former Learning Management System called WebCT? Are you interested in integrating library resources into your teaching and assignments? Comelearn how to embed a Librarian in your course and find out about the widgets, tools and tutorials that will assist you in adding library content to your courses.

We look forward to seeing you!