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February 4, 2010
3–4 pm
Addlestone Library, Room 122 | Register | Download the Session Flyer (pdf)

Missed the Session?  Download the Session Handouts!  Managing a Paperless Class (pdf)

  • Presenter: Sara Calhoun Davis, Ph.D. /School of Education
  • Title: Integrating and Applying Web 2.0 for Teaching and Learning  -Or-  Really organizing a class using a bunch of web applications that you and your students access from anywhere at any time for free
  • Session Description: Sara demos and explains the pros and cons of using 2.0 applications to grade student papers; create course bookmarks, manage mail and calendars, access RSS feeds, share files with students, receive student work, edit it and share feedback, allow students to conduct peer review and collaborate with each other, and maintain docs to access from anywhere there is internet access.  All of this without carrying a flash drive!  And you can too!
  • Bio: Sara Calhoun Davis, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and serves as the Associate Dean for Accreditation, Assessment, and Operations in the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance (EHHP), teaches courses in classroom assessment and technology, and leads the school’s National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) re-accreditation process for 2012. She frequently consults in assessment and teaching strategies for schools and businesses.

February 25, 2010
3–4 pm
Addlestone Library, Room 120
| Register|  Download the Session Flyer (pdf)

Missed the Session?  Download the Session Handouts! College of Charleston///LITE Workshop: Twitter by Megan Holt (pdf) | Select Twitter Extras from LITE (pdf) | Twitter_CheatSheet by Thomas MacEntee (pdf) | The Complete Guide to Twitter, by Mark O’Neill, from MakeUseOf

  • Presenter: Megan Holt / AmeriCorps VISTA for the College of Charleston Center for Civic Engagement
  • Title: Give Twitter a Try
  • Session Description: Still haven’t given Twitter a try? Now is the time! This hands-on workshop will make you a Twitter pro in less than an hour. This free, easy-to-use social networking service is a great tool to help energize and engage students.
  • Bio: Upon completion of her Masters in Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina, Megan has committed one year of her life to volunteer service through the AmeriCorps VISTA program at the College of Charleston. Here she uses her communication and event planning skills to rally college students to step off their college campus and make an impact in the Charleston community. Megan attended Baylor University as a Founders’ Baylor Scholar where she worked as an assistant for Baylor Athletic Media Relations and spent time as the Director of Press and Public Relations for the Waco Wranglers and as an intern at the Dwyer Group and received her BA in Journalism and Corporate Communications.  While pursuing her graduate degree at USC,  Megan worked as a graduate student assistant for University of South Carolina Athletic Media Relations and interned in Richland County School District One’s communications department. While at Richland One, she wrote and designed the monthly Volunteer E-newsletter as well as established a presence on Twitter. Her E-newsletter was selected as a recipient for the South Carolina Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association’s Publications and Electronic Media Award.  For her practicum, she interned at Sports Media Challenge where she was able to utilize new media in a new and effective way. Research collateral that she developed was leveraged in a proposal to ESPNU which led to its use of developing a Twitter Feed for the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament coverage.


March 4, 2010
3–4 pm
Addlestone Library, Room 227
| Register| Download the Session Flyer (pdf)

Missed the Session?  Read Jared’s follow-up post: Notes from my real-time research session at College of Charleston

  • Presenter: Jared Smith / ReadWriteWeb
  • Title: Harnessing the Real-Time Web
  • Session Description: Social software and the real-time Web are rapidly altering how we learn about topics, collaborate, and make new discoveries. See how the latest Web technologies can make research more efficient and timely, as well as more engaging and, yes, even more fun.
  • Bio: Jared Smith is a local Web developer and experimenter who specializes in social technologies.  He works at ReadWriteWeb, (www.readwriteweb.com), one of the top 10 blogs in the world.  Previously, he was a webmaster at College of Charleston, where he was part of the project to launch the new College website in August.  Jared also sits on the steering committee of Social Media Club Charleston, an organization dedicated to promoting good practices and ethics in social media.  Jared blogs about social media and technology at his personal blog, jaredwsmith.com.



March 25, 2010
3–4 pm
Addlestone Library, Room 120
| Register| Download the Session Flyer (pdf) | Facebook Handout | Social Media Sites at the College of Charleston Handout (pdf) | 10 New Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know (pdf)

  • Presenter: Megan Holt / AmeriCorps VISTA for the College of Charleston Center for Civic Engagement
  • Title: RU Ready to FACEBOOK?
  • Session Description: Are you already on Facebook? Creating a Facebook Page for your class or department can be the next step to help you better connect with students. Join us for a hands-on workshop where you can create or enhance your current Facebook page. Have an account? Bring it with you!
  • Bio: see above


April 8, 2010
3–4 pm
Addlestone Library, Room 120
| Register| Download the Session Flyer (pdf)(PDF) | Download the Session Presentation (PDF) | Download the Session Handout/3 Slides per page (PDF)

  • Presenter: Bobby Hollandsworth / Business Librarian, Clemson University Libraries
  • Title: What You Need to Know about Plagiarism
  • Session Description: Come learn how to deter plagiarism through information, not threats.  This informative, interactive workshop will help you identify and avoid plagiarism. Topics include: defining plagiarism, paraphrasing, summarizing, direct quotations, citations, and where to find help.

“Giving students a tutorial on plagiarism is more effective in deterring the behavior than threatening students with detection and punishment. That’s according to the results of an experiment conducted by professors at the University of Michigan and Swarthmore College and published as a working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research.”

Source: http://campustechnology.com/articles/2010/02/02/plagiarism-deterred-through-information-not-threats.aspx

  • Bio: Bobby Hollandsworth is a Business Reference Librarian at RM Cooper Library on the campus of Clemson University, where he serves as the library liaison to the departments of Economics, Finance, Marketing, and Agricultural and Applied Economics. He has over ten years of experience as a business reference librarian. He has worked in public and academic libraries along with being a quality assurance analyst and database designer at Ovid Technologies. He has an undergraduate degree in Communications from Appalachian State University, Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a Master’s of Professional Communication from Westminster College.

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