Special Instruction Sessions

Tailored Instruction for Your Class Needs

If you would like a Special Instruction Session for your class or program, please feel free to contact Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem at vanarnhem@cofc.edu.  To see a list of previous sessions, visit the “Program Archive” page.

Here are a few examples of tailored instruction for specific course activities.

Class Blogging

Professor Hollis France’s POLI 405.01: No Passport Required: Globalization From a Community Perspective 

Professor France said about the experience, “Blogging gives both teachers and students an effective means of communicating ideas, and also continuing dialog outside of the classroom which can serve as an instrument for building community.”


Collaborative Video Projects

Professor Lee Drago’s History 104: Recreating the Past 

A collaborative video project with Professor Lee Drago’s History 104 class and the Addlestone Library. Directed by Erin Madden. Professor Drago said about the experience, “I can’t believe the YouTube video has been viewed 216 times.  Even the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences has seen it.”