Fall 2008 Workshop Topics

Addlestone Thursday @ Three Session Schedule for fall 08

Theme:  Web 2.0

An Introduction to Practical, Free and Useful Web 2.0 Tools for Personal Productivity and Collaborative Learning

Each month will have an overarching theme dedicated to a Web 2.0 concept or application.  There will be two sessions per month, with the first session dedicated to explanation and demonstration of the application.  The second session of each month will consist of a workshop “make and take” allowing participants to create a practical utility for their specific areas of interest and instruction.

Each Session will begin with a 15 minute appetizer: a brief demonstration of a particular web 2.0 application, gadget, or button.  This will be followed by the main course, which will delve into an explanation, demonstration and practical application of a particular web 2.0 tool or concept.

Date Session


September 11


Using Social Media to improve learning and personal productivity

Appetizer: Top 100 Web 2.0 Tools          

Main Course:  Social Web, Net Culture and Delicious


September 25



Appetizer:  Delicious buttons plugin for Firefox

Main Course:  Delicious


October 9


Blogs and Wikis:

Collaborative Teaching & Learning

Appetizer: Library/Amazon Catalog Search firefox plugin

Main Course: Blogs and Wikis


October 23



Appetizer:  Scribefire

Main Course: Blogs & Wikis


November 6


Personal Leaning Spaces:

Access, Organization, and Flexibility

Appetizer: Personal Learning Spaces: an intro

Main Course: iGoogle and Google Docs


November 20



Appetizer: Sharing iGoogle Tabs

Main Course: iGoogle and Google Docs



Registration for Sessions

Please send your requests (include specific date) to Jared Seay at seayj@cofc.edu or Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnem at vanarnhemj@cofc.edu.