Edpuzzle (edpuzzle.com) is an app that allows you to choose a video [on YouTube]; cut and add notes (audio or written) multiple choice, and short answer questions; and track your students’ comprehension. It’s free with our CofC GSuite, has the ability to autograde (MC questions), and (my favorite): students have to watch the entire video before they can submit. Another great feature: if you navigate away from the Edpuzzle video tab, the video will not keep going. Your students must be engaged during the entire experience. *A note: Edpuzzle does not have an integration with D2L yet, but they’re in the process of building integrations for new LMS every day, and (according to their helpdesk) hopefully they’ll be able to get to the D2L integration very soon. Click here to access our TLT Tutorial instructions to get started with Edpuzzle.

Simply enter your name and click join open class to see it in action!