Giving an infographic assignment is a great way to see if the students can:

  1. identify the most important information
  2. tailor communication to a specific audience
  3. demonstrate their research ability
  4. think creatively and critically about data or a concept
  5. demonstrate their understanding in a new and visual way

It’s important to remember that the primary purpose of an assignment like this is to learn to distill and deliver a story about your data or concept, however, students, and faculty, often put too much emphasis on the flash and excitement of the graphic itself.  To make these flashy graphics, students normally have to experience the added stress of learning a new application that creates them.  So why no have them use something that they already have and are already using?  The tutorials below demonstrate interesting features available in Google Slides that students can use to make an infographic.

In addition, here is a resource on what makes a good infographic that can help you and your students:

This is a playlist that consists of 9 short videos:

  1. Page setup and layout creation
  2. Using shapes to highlight and deliver information
  3. Using textboxes to deliver information
  4. Using images to add interest
  5. Rotating and grouping shapes
  6. Adding charts to display data
  7. Adding diagrams to display data
  8. Cropping images into shapes and using ordering
  9. Download or share your infographic

To jump between videos, click on the Playlist Select icon in the upper right corner icon