Create your free Poll Everywhere account online using you College of Charleston email account at the Google Play or Apple Store.

You will then be able to

  • sign into the mobile app to record your attendance and participation;
  • respond quickly to Poll Everywhere activities with the mobile app (Presenter usernames are recorded for repeat sessions);
  • see a complete list of your past responses to Poll Everywhere activities within the mobile app; and
  • check correctness on graded activities.

Why do you use a clicker in this course?

  • To stay focused during class
  • To check your understanding of various learning concepts
  • To learn from peers when we discuss answers to clicker questions.
  • To be more clear about what you understand and don’t understand
  • To get immediate feedback
  • To better prepare for each class
  • To better prepare for exams

Example: Grades for clickers (10% of the grade)

  • Clicker questions are based on the reading assignment and your ability to apply, analyze, or assess information in class.
  • You receive full credit for each correct answer; half-credit for attempting.