Google Slides in Chrome web browser

Google Slides users can reap the benefits of integrated, live polling with the PollEv Presenter Google Slides Extension.

Step 1. Navigate to PollEv Presenter for Google Slides in the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to Chrome.

Step 2. Open a new Google Slides presentation.

Step 3. Click on the Poll Everywhere tab at the top right.

Step 4. Select login from the Poll Everywhere menu. 

Step 5. Log in or sign up for a new account.

Step 6. Select the polls you want to insert and click “Insert polls” or create a new poll by clicking “Create poll”.

Step 7. Present your Google Slides deck to see your polls load directly in your presentation.

Make sure the Chrome Extension is installed on the computer you will use to present. The polls can only display within a Chrome web browser that has the PollEv Presenter Google Slides Extension installed and enabled. This will be shown by the Poll Everywhere icon in the address bar on any Google Slides page.

The extension can only display and activate your polls when

  1. You are in Presentation mode.
  2. You are logged in within the PollEv Presenter Google Slides Extension.

Poll slides can be created or inserted into an existing presentation. You can also download a group of poll slides and build a Google Slides presentation around them.

Poll slide thumbnails can be dragged between slides or into other Google Slides presentations, just like any normal slide. Moving the placeholder image will not move the poll. You must move the entire poll slide into place.

Poll slides will appear with a screenshot of the poll as a placeholder image. This screenshot does not automatically update and may not reflect the most recent changes to your poll. The live poll will only load and display when they are in Slide Show mode. The poll will not display or receive responses until you have successfully installed and logged into the PollEv Presenter Google Slides Extension, and the slide is in full screen, or Presentation mode. Whichever poll question is displayed in Slide Show mode will be automatically activated and receive results as long as you are logged into the extension.

Note that you cannot open a pre-made PowerPoint or Keynote file that has poll slides in it within Google Slides, using our extension. You must insert poll slides using the PollEv Google Slides Extension, instead.

Please email us at if you have any trouble.