Creating Course Content
Instructors can create course content with the following tools:

  • Create course content with the Content tool
  • Format HTML course content with the HTML Editor tool
  • Add URL links to a course with the Links tool
  • Create a custom learning path in a course with the Release Conditions tool
  • Notify learners about updated course content
  • Add availability and due dates in Content
  • Evaluate assignment submissions from Content

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Designing an Accessible Course
These are the recommendations from D2L/Brightspace, the makers of OAKS.  For more information, visit CofC’s Disability Services Office.

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Monitoring a Course
Instructors can monitor a course the following ways:

  • Track activity and user progress on SCORM objects – THIS IS NOT USED OFTEN
  • About tracking content completion and participation
  • Manage completion tracking settings for a topic
  • Check completion tracking for a content topic
  • Checking course content statistics
  • Check course content feedback
  • Change content display settings
  • View user progress in Content

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