These tutorials are all about interacting with your students via the:

  • Activity Feed
  • Announcements/News Tool
  • Discussion Tool
  • Groups Tool
Post messages and links to course materials in the Activity Tool

Activity Feed is a course homepage widget that provides a central location for instructors to post messages and assignments. You can also provide links to course materials and external resources. This gives learners the ability to quickly access links to important materials, comment on messages made by instructors and classmates, and upload files to assignment posts.

Visit Post messages and links to learn more about the Activity Tool

Post course announcements in the Announcements Tool

The Announcements tool enables you to create news items that help communicate course updates, changes, and new information to your users quickly and effectively. Since My Home or Course Home is the first page that users often see when they log in or access their courses, the News widget is a good area for displaying important information.

Visit Post Course Announcements

Create and manage discussion forums

Use the Discussions tool in your course to encourage users to share thoughts on course material with their peers. You can set up forums and topics for users to ask questions, discuss course content and assignments, and work together in assigned groups and sections.

Visit Create and manage discussion forums

Create group work areas with the Groups Tool

Create group work areas for users with the Groups tool. You can use groups to organize users’ work on projects and assignments, or you can create special work areas for users with different learning needs.

Users can belong to multiple groups within the same course. For example, each user can simultaneously belong to a group for class projects, a group for special interest discussions, and a group for advanced users. Each group can have its own discussion forums, assignments, and locker area to work in. You can grade members of groups individually or as a team.

Visit Create group work areas for learners