Google Forms is an easy and efficient way for students to create forms/surveys for data collection.  Google Forms integrates with Google Sheets (spreadsheet) for data organization and analysis.  If you need more indepth analysis, you can export the spreadsheet to Excel.  It all works seamlessly together to make this type of collection and analysis easy to do.


  • Lab data collection
  • Research surveys
  • Exercise repetition data
  • Any place where multiple people have to collect or enter data


  • All CofC students have Google Accounts already.
  • Faculty can get a Google Apps for Education account.  The instructions on how to get your CofC Google account is located at the top of the “Getting Started with Google Drive” tutorial.


This 5-part series will take you from creating a form to working in Excel.

Part 1: Creating a Basic Form
Part 2: Adding Branched Questions
Part 3: Sharing the Form for Data Entry
Part 4: Adding to a Spreadsheet and Exporting to Excel
Bonus: Converting the Text Data Entries to Numbers