VoiceThread is an online digital storytelling program that allows users to upload pictures or presentations then add a voice or video recording as commentary.  Because it’s online it’s also very easy to share with individuals or your course.  VoiceThread is also very easy to use, for both faculty and students.  CofC owns a campus-wide pro license.


  • presentations
  • online lectures
  • language and speech practice
  • online video discussion board
Recorded Webinar from TLT' March Training

Add VoiceThreads to OAKS
Creating Graded Assignments

Using VoiceThread in OAKS to Create Graded Assignments Tutorial

VoiceThread is a great tool that is integrated with OAKS (D2L/Brightspace) but few of us use it to it’s greatest potential.  With the integration you can quickly and easily add VoiceThreads to Content as well as ASSIGN students tasks such as to watch a VT, comment 2x on a VT, or create their own VT!  The grade can then be tied right to the OAKS Grade book.

Collaborative VoiceThread Assignment

Create a Collective VoiceThread Assignment Tutorial

We normally use VoiceThread (VT) to record lectures and occasionally allow students to comment or ask questions.  But what about creating a single VT where all your students actually contribute the content?  For example, instead of having every student create their own VoiceThread to introduce themselves, create one VT where each student contributes a slide.  It’s easy to set it up so that students can edit the VT!

VoiceThread on Mobile Devices
VoiceThread for Students
Troubleshooting VoiceThread
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