What is a Twitter widget?

Twitter widgets allow users to embed timelines on websites, including OAKS.  You can display the latest tweets from a single Twitter account, multiple accounts, or tap into the worldwide conversation around a topic grouped in a search result.  There are two common types of timelines that can be embedded: user timelines and search timelines.  A user timeline displays the latest Tweets ordered from newest to oldest from a specific Twitter account.  A search timeline displays tweets from the past few weeks in the results of a Twitter search, such as the tweets that include a hashtag.

Why would I want to embed a Twitter widget in OAKS?

Adding a Twitter widget to your OAKS homepage draws greater attention to your class timeline, which could encourage students to tweet more often and stay abreast to their classmates’ tweets.

How do I embed a Twitter widget into OAKS?

This video will walk you through the steps of creating a Twitter widget and embedding it into a custom OAKS homepage.