Mindmeister is a collaborative web 2.0 technology that allows you to create online concept and mind maps on nearly any device. A free account allows you to save and share up to 3 maps. These maps can include images, videos, links, task info, comments, and notes. Mindmeister makes it easy to customize the appearance and layout of your map with colors, themes, and styles. Once you have completed your map, you can download a pdf or image file.
One of the main advantages of this mapping tool is that it is easy to share and collaborate in real time. Mindmeister mind mapping is a great tool to try with your students. It is possible to add descriptive relationships along some of the connecting lines and organize the items in the map in a hierarchical manner.


  • Organize ideas
  • Organize course content
  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Connect concepts and ideas across disciplines or instructional units
  • Collaborate with students or colleagues
  • Evaluate student understanding
  • Communicate ideas
  • Promote collaboration

Price: Free for a basic plan, paid plans have additional features and flexibility

Platform: Online



An extensive set of tutorials are available here –

Best practices can be found here –

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